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Change on the fly -
replacing lancet and test strip cartridge

Make the all-in-one system ready to go with the GlucoMen® READY Lancet! And regain independence for several days by the cartridge change with the GlucoMen® READY sensor.

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  • Cartridge replacement

  • Lancet replacement

Completely close the lower cover.

Push the left lever down until it stops and pull the GlucoMen® READY out of the cover.

Open cartridge compartment by pulling the cover to the left and then downward.

Please note the date on which the cartridge is opened (can be used for 30 days after opening).

Insert the new cartridge in the direction of the arrow and close the cartridge compartment.

Push the lower cover back onto the GlucoMen® READY.

Tip: To do this, the GlucoMen® READY should preferably be placed on a flat surface.


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Remove the lancet holder
Pull the entire lancet holder to the left, out of the GlucoMen® READY.

Insert the lancet (see tip)
Hold the lancet by the broad, flat end and push the long shaft from behind through the support as far as possible. In doing so, leave the protective cap on the lancet.

Adjusting penetration depth
You can control penetration depth by rotating the outer part of the lancing device against the inner part. The depth is shown by the lines on the outer part of the lancing device. The semicircle is used as a set point. (Minimum depth I to maximum depth IIII)

Attaching the lancing device
Insert the lancing device back into the GlucoMen® READY. Ensure that the semicircle is positioned in the associated recess. (Crescent to crescent)

Remove it by rotating the lancet cap.
Then close the lower cover once again.

Tip: The used lancet should preferably be removed by pushing out the new lancet using the protective cap.


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