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Nice and practical -
the innovative all-in-one system

Simply slide open, measure within seconds, and get back to active life. So discreetly and easily can you measure your blood glucose today!

Mehrere Tage Unabhängigkeit

Independence for several days
with 25 test strips in the meter

Test strips protected in a cartridge

Automatically load test strips when cover is opened

Indication of remaining test strips

Auffallend unauffällig

Noticeably unobtrusive
due to the integrated lancing device

Lancing device integrated in meter

4 individually adjustable penetration depth

Low pain

Keine Zeit verlieren

No wasted time
thanks to a quick measurement

Only 5 seconds of measurement time

The entire measurement procedure lasts approx. 20 seconds

Gerätetasche ade

Goodbye carrying case
thanks to the all-in-one system and cover

Hygienic thanks to integrated protective cover

Cover loads test strip and lancet

Fits into any pocket